A New Paradigm for God

| November 27, 2011

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God is the reality of the Mental World which is separate from our physical universe. Our human body is in the physical world. Our human mind is in the mental World. Our brain functions as an interface device between the two realities. The attributes of God are similar to the attributes of the human mind. God also has specific limitations.

The Beginning of Space and Time

| October 26, 2011

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Physicists are beginning to tell a scientific version of creation, called the Big Bang Theory. Prior to the Big Bang, there was only an intellectual reality that existed outside of space and time. This intellectual reality caused a multitude of primordial bosons to be created. These primordial bosons specialized into the four great forces of our physical universe. Time began when gauge bosons formed fermion pairs. Space began when fermions formed the first protons and neutrons.

The Three Realities

| August 1, 2011

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Scientists have discovered two different realities. First, there is the reality of the physical universe. Second, there is the reality of the quantum world. For hundreds of years, philosophers have proposed a third reality – the reality of consciousness. The concept of our consciousness being a separate reality opens the possibility of the existence of a Mental World that is God.

Two Universe Model of the Big Bang

| July 30, 2011

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The Big Bang Theory states that equal amounts of matter and antimatter were created. Yet, we do not observe a significant amount of antimatter in our universe. The symmetries of the universe suggest that the antimatter may exist in a separate universe travelling in an opposite arrow of time.

What Is an Existential God?

| July 24, 2011

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An “Existential God” is a personal and unique understanding of God that makes sense to us based on what we know about our physical world. It is based on the three themes of modern existentialism – freedom of thought, individual uniqueness, and living our lives passionately according to our beliefs.