Personal Existential Gods

The mission of is “understanding God in a scientific world”.

The Existential God Concept is based on three themes that are similar in nature to modern existentialism. These three themes are:

  1. We are free to develop our own religious beliefs
  2. We are each unique in our religious beliefs
  3. We live our lives passionately according to our beliefs

This website is designed to be a forum where people can share their personal Existential Gods with others and allow people to offer comments on these beliefs. We are specifically looking for articles which show how individuals have reconciled their personal belief in God with the discoveries of modern science.

Authors are encouraged to submit article(s) about their personal Existential God. To be considered for inclusion on this website, an article must satisfy the following two requirements:

  1. The article(s) must show a sincere belief in a God. Articles based on atheism and agnosticism will not be accepted.
  2. The personal Existential God must show how God and science work in harmony with each other. Articles which deny scientific facts, or run counter to established scientific theory, will not be accepted.

Please Note:  If your personal beliefs do not meet the requirments listed above, we do not imply that your beliefs are in any way wrong. There may be other websites which more cater to your personal beliefs. However, the mission of is to provide a forum for showing how people can still believe in the existence of God in lieu of modern scientific adavances.

To submit an article for consideration on this website, email it to:

 List of Personal Existential Gods (PEG):

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