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The Logo for ExistentialGod.org

The logo for ExistentialGord.org symbolizes the harmony that should exist between God, science, and mankind. The symbol is based on the mathematical symbol for infinity. Mathemtics is the language of science. This is an appropriate symbol for God because nothing in the physical world as described by science is infinite. However, many people consider God to be infinite in nature. 

The infinity symbol represents mankind’s quest to become one with God. At birth, we come into this universe with no knowledge of God. This lack of knowledge is symbolized by the color red in the logo. Over our lifetimes, we strive to become Godlike which is symbolized in the logo by the the color gradually changing from red to blue.

The infinity symbol is incomplete because we recognize that we cannot become one with God during our lifetime in the physical world. Our goal, however, is to be ever coming closer to God throughout our lifetime. It is only upon our death that the infinity symbol becomes complete and we become one with God.

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