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ExististentialGod.org is an organization of believers in God who think God and science can co-exist in today’s world. It is a forum where we come together to share our beliefs with the hope that a new paradigm of God will emerge to guide us through the Scientific Age.

At ExistentialGod.org, there are no absolute truths or dogmas. We do not claim that eveyone must believe as we do. There is only what makes sense to us based on our individual understandings of God and science. Each contributor shares their unique perspective of God and science. Through this sharing, and subsequent discussion, we all gain by refining our individual beliefs over time.

Comments are welcomed on anybody’s Personal Existential God (PEG) as long as these basic rules are followed:

  • Your comments are not derogatory in nature
  • Your comments should argue for, or against, a point made by the author
  • There is no claim to know the “truth” about God (e.g. you cannot claim that your religion is the one true religion)
  • Whenever possible, your comments should be supported by scientific facts

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